I started miming in 1982 as a child at my mother, Gizella Karsai’s company, CSIP. In 1994, I won the category of stage acting in the talent show “Who Can Do What?”, and a year after, I obtained a professional artist-performer permission. I mainly worked as a solo artist, and I played my first solo act, I Have Gone Out into the World… for years all over the country.

From 1998 to 2004, I collaborated with the Melange Mime Company. This period includes many important performances and experiences: The Bald Soprano n the role of Mrs Smith over three seasons in Thália Theatre, the leading role of Hungarian Grimace in Strasbourg, or the composition Presents from the Past and Future, the etudes of which were often presented within the country and abroad.

In the following years, I devoted my time of teaching, creating performances, and professional development. I made debut as writer-director with the prosaic performance based on Chekov’s works, SASHA which has been my “most precious” so far. Besides, I received further invitations: I undertook a tour in Cyprus with my solo It Is Also Dance – Women Figures in Heaven and Earth, and I played prosaic roles in Cursed Cows and richard2nixon I was the assigned motion director of this latter one.

Between 2009 and 2015, I worked as the director of art of the Mimage Mime Theatre and Studio. One of the many finest moments of this period for me was Who Went Forth, which I played together with about 30 of my apprentices (from secondary school students to professional performers) with huge success.

At present, I work as performer, solo artist, and together with the representatives of other theatrical genres and branches thinking and creating together. The rest of my professional career consists of motion direction and trainings with various goals