I love that my job is manifold because I can fulfil a different role in each activity I do and because both professionalism and miracle are important elements of my work.

I guide as a director, or educator, or trainer. I am team player as an advisor or choreographer. I follow the instructions of another director as a  performing artist. I am glad about these various role opportunities since diversity inspires me and fills me with energy.

My work is informed by 30 years of experience: degree of the art of mime, studies of movement, gesture, and prosaic theatre, of theatrical arts, and of drama pedagogy, experience in TV, almost a thousand apprentices from young to old, 20 years of company and art studio management, choreographies, shows created for events, and leading trainings and workshops. (More on this: CV)

As a freelancer, I always look forward to new tasks, projects, and professional contacts.


Theatres / clubs:

Exhibition opening:

  • IX. Biennále Mozgásban. Exhibition of Kőbányai Képző- és Iparművészek Egyesülete. Opening: Ildikó D. Udvary, historian of art. (Kőrösi Galéria, Budapest, Hungary)
  • Egység. Glass and textile. Exhibition of Dorka Borbás and Judit Gulyás. Opening: Ernő P. Szabó. (Mezőtúr, Hungary)
  • Ékeink. Collective exhibition of the Association of Hungarian Glass Artists. Opening: Márton Horváth, DLA glass artist. (Klebersberg Kultúrkúria, Budapest, Hungary)
  • Let there be light. Glass and bronze. Collective exhibition. (Limassol, Cyprus)
  • The ultimate gift. Glass and bronze. Collective exhibition. (Nicosia, Cyprus)


  • Hungarian Figure Skating & Ice Dance Team – Coach for Acting, Movement and Programs
  • Okosjövő napja (Lake Side Hotel, Székesfehérvár, Hungary), communicative gesture training, team building
  • Osono Színházműhely (Sepsiszentgyörgy), mime and movement training
  • Pro-Art Summer Dance Camp (Kistelek), acting and gesture training, team building
  • Reaching Out Through Skype 2015 Program (Europe), mime training
  • Telki SE Esztétikus Gimnasztika Szakosztály, movement and acting training, team building

Events (production, choreography):

  • Adidas, fashion show, Budapest
  • Bárdi Autó, exhibition, Budapest (BNV)
  • Corinthia Hotel Budapest, new year’s eve
  • Csillagszálló, exhibition (poem adaptations), Budapest
  • Exhibition for designers of custom clothes and jewellery, Vienna, Austria
  • European Parliament, introducing Hungary, Strasbourg, France
  • HBO Hungary, press conference, Budapest, Hungary
  • Hotel Club Tihany, performances, Hungary
  • Hotel Gellért Budapest, ball for doctors, Hungary
  • IKEA, press conference series, Budapest, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; Prague, Czech Republic
  • Junkers / REHAU, road show, Hungary
  • LG, product display, Budapest, Hungary
  • LOGITECH, press conference, Budapest, Hungary; Prague, Czech Republic
  • Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, shade play, Budapest, Hungary
  • Mini Morris, exhibition, Budapest, Hungary
  • MOULINEX, product display, Budapest, Hungary
  • Nemzeti Sport, reception of the Olympic champions, Budapest (Ship Spoon), Hungary
  • PHILIPS Hungary, exhibition, Budapest (BNV), Hungary
  • Radisson Blu Béke Hotel, Performance about Mr. Foster, Budapest, Hungary
  • Roche Hungary, conference, Budapest, Hungary
  • Szikra Lapnyomda Rt., press conference, Budapest, Hungary
  • TENSI Holiday, press conference, Budapest, Hungary
  • TUI, company event, Siófok, Hungary
  • Volkswagen Hungary, press conference, Budapest, Hungary