1) Personal information:

Name Veronika Karsai
Job: mime artist, choreographer, drama coach
Activities: performer, director, choreographer, professional advisor, educator, coach for team building, movement, gesture, and acting
Website: www.pantomim.hu
E-mail: mail@pantomim.hu

2.) Education:

2018. Achieving Resilience Through Play and Drama Train the Trainers Course, Gdansk (Erasmus+ Programme, coordinated by University of Gdansk, University of Gloucestershire)
2015-2016. Brain Gym, movement-based Kinesiology seminar, Educational Kinesiology Foundation
2002-2007. University of Veszprém, Faculty of Humanities: Theatrical Arts, excellent qualifications, Veszprém, Hungary
Title of thesis: The First Attempts to the Hungarian Art of Mime
1996-2000. Eszterházy Károly College for Teacher Training, Hungarian Language and Literature, Hungary
Title of thesis: Humour and Irony in Chekhov’s World
1995-1996. Hungarian Drama Pedagogy Association, a 120-hour professional course in drama pedagogy, Hungary
1994-1995. Janus Pannonius University of Sciences, Hungarian Language and Literature, and Theatrical Arts, Hungary
1990-1994. Madách Imre Secondary School, Budapest, Hungary

Mime studies, awards, and degrees:

1994. Member of CSIP Children Mime Company then, from 1993, of VITA-MIM Mime Company
1993. Professional artist-performer exam in the category of solo acting, work permission for the art of mime
1982-1998. Winner of Who Can Do What? national television talent show in the category of “stage acting”


3.)  Career:

3.1) Performer and artist:

2016. The Soulbird – a performance with actress Karina Kecskés based on Michal Snunit’s work, not only for children. Director, performer. 23rd International Book Festival, Budapest.
2013 – 2015. Me, squared – composition and performance of Mimage Mime Theatre; director of art; Bakelit Multi Art Center, 1st Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival in Berlin.
2013 – 2015. Wizards is Dreamland – a Mimage Pantomim Színház kompozíciója és előadása. Művészeti vezető. Washington D.C., Isztambul, Budapest.
2007 – 2014. The Birth of a Bannermotion drama for national holidays (too); performance of New Generation Mime Company; playwright (in association with István Dancs) and director; Madách Imre Theatre, Budapest, Hungary; countrywide; Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
2010 – 2011 Who Went Forth – theatrical mime performance of Mimage Mime Theatre and New Generation Mime Company on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the juvenile company; writer, director, and solo performer; Merlin Theatre, Budapest, Hungary.
2009 – 2010 Sasha – prosaic performance by secondary school students; playwright (adapted from the works of Chekhov) and director; National Student Acting Convention, Hungary (awards of “best stage choreography” and “best direction”); Central Theatre, Budapest, Hungary.
2008. Let there be light……, The ultimate Gift – glass, bronze, and textile art exhibition opening, then constant performance at the exhibition; writer, director, and performer; Limassol and Nicosia, Cyprus
2005 – 2006. richard2nixon – prosaic performance; choreographer and performer (Northumberland / Democratic Party); (playwright and director: Róbert Balázs Suda); New Studio, Thália Theatre, Budapest, Hungary.
2004. Presents from the Past and Future – farewell performance of Melange Mime Company; playwright, director and protagonist; Kolibri Pince Theatre, Budapest, Hungary.
2002. Hungarian Grimace – etude show of Melange Mime Company; writer, director, and protagonist; Strasbourg, France.
2001 – 2003. The Bald Soprano (Eugene Ionesco & Veronika Karsai) – partly counter-mime; director, choreographer, and performer (Mrs Smith); New Studio, Thália Theatre, Budapest, Hungary; EFOTT, Művészetek Völgye, Hungary.
1995 – 1999. I Have Gone Out into the World… – solo mime performance; writer, director, and performer; Hungary.
1982 – Several television and theatrical roles (Csepke, Telemime, Öcsi the star, Grüss Dich, Re-evolution, Szimat Szörény, Can We Be Born?!…)

3.2) Pedagogue, head of company, coach

2016 – 2017. Hungarian Figure Skating & Ice Dance Team – Coach for Acting and Movement
2015 – Free-lance mime teacher, coach for team building, movement, gesture, and acting.
2009 – 2015. Director of art and lead teacher of Mimage Mime Theatre and Studio.
1999 – 2011. Teacher at Madách Imre Secondary School, Budapest, Hungary (drama, mime, history of theatre, coach for the prosaic company, leader of the movement theatre company).
1999 – 2011. Director of art and lead teacher of New Generation Mime Company
2007 – 2008. Teacher at Baross Imre Artistaképző Szakközépiskola (the Hungarian Circus Institute), Budapest, Hungary.
2002 – 2003. Associate teacher at Mimage Mime School (preparation for final exams), participation in the development of the school’s theoretical and practical curriculum.
2001 – 2003. Director of art and lead teacher of Melange Mime Association and Studio.
1996 – 2001. Director of art and teacher of Pantomancs Children Company (Rogers Person-Centred School).
1994 – 1998. Assistant teacher at VITA-MIM Aural-Deaf Integration Mime Company and at CSIP Children Mime Company (director of art: Gizella Karsai).
Terézváros (September 2016)
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