Drama Coaching

I offer nonverbal acting coaching first and foremost to performers (artists, sportspeople, teachers, etc.) The aim of my sessions is that participants familiarize themselves with the possibilities of acting without words, that they find courage, open up, and let their inner experiences emerge to get a feeling of any shade or intensity. All of this can be achieved with the instruments of mime, and movement and gesture theatre

I coach performers individually, as well. I design an individualized development plan after mapping their attributes and acquired knowledge and after mutual agreement in order to improve their chosen areas of acting and movement. I am pleased to help in the creation and perfection of productions.

Acting skills and their development are and would be necessary not only in the theatre but also in various other areas. Even students would benefit a lot from being taught how to present in front of a class or to overcome their inhibitions and become confident in such situations. Unfortunately, in our educational system, this point is not or is hardly emphasized; however, presentational skills are demanded from a student at school or from an adult at work.

This is the reason why I designed a method for the development of acting skills which can be applied with success in any community. However peculiar it may seem that I wish to promote unembarrassed public communication with nonverbal instruments, my experience drawn on several success stories show that, in the case of most people – especially those who are introverted or anxious –, ice is more easily broken during activities without speech. A carefree game is the most direct and not short way to openness, naturalness, and routine, which all result in comfortable public appearance and verbal expression.