In the past twenty years, I participated in the creation of many events as performer, creator and organizer. My current career is dominated by theatrical and training activities, nevertheless, I reply positively to valuable event invitations.

As performer artist, I create solo scenes to given topics, I present exhibition items in choreographies (e.g. It is Also Dance), and I create anything based on thematic inspiration.

As choreographer I create a unique visionary performance by choreographing diverse event participants (dancers, actors, artists, mannequins, hostesses, or animators). Working with participants of no or few preliminary studies, I mostly apply my panoply of gesture theatre tools, which nicely functions for laypeople. (One of my team building trainings enables company workers to create small theatrical plays with this technique within 1–2 days.)

As coach I contribute to various events with programmes according to topic, special circumstances, age, number of people, and goals. These contributions have a wide range: from drama-pedagogic or team building games for “general fun” to workshops with specific aims (communication, cooperation, building trust, improving creativity, self-reflection) or aspects ( acting, movement, mime, and gesture trainings) as requested.

As movement director I have always been interested in “breathing life into inanimate things”. Although I have not had many opportunities in this respect, sheer planning and brainstorming have intrigued me immensely – for instance, how to choreograph the “dance” of machinery of an agricultural exhibition. Everything that can move – machines, lights, or the beauties of a fountain playing music – raises the interests of an artist like me.