Mime Teaching

I became a professional mime artist in 1994 and I have been teaching mime ever since. I began my work as an assistant teacher at VITA-MIM mime company (1994-98), I continued as an autonomous teacher at my own studio and company: Pantomancs Company (1996-2001), Melange Mime Association and Studio (1998-2004), New Generation Mime Company (1999-2011), and Mimage Mime Theatre and Studio (2009-2015).

At present, I teach mime and acting without words as guest presenter or coach to various age and target groups at occasional or regular workshops and courses. I also give individual lessons to actors, singers, nonverbal performers (theatre dancers, artists, illusionists, etc.), and sportspeople (figure skaters, aesthetic gymnastics performers, competitive dancers, etc.) so as to improve skills of  movement- and performance.

I also suggest familiarizing with this genre to those who do not have previous training or who do not aspire to theatrical fame. Developing self-knowledge and creative thinking, expressing one’s personality, overcoming inhibitions, and creating self-confidence and harmony are all automatic, positive “side effects” of my sessions.

Mime is a fairly complex theatrical genre. Mimes know their bodies, they are able to envisage an invisible world, they find new ways in music, and they are brilliant actors without using words. I create my lessons in a varied way, according to the intentions listed above, and with the themes below:

Acting, laughing together, imagination – which this genre requires –, and music or silence, for that matter, all contribute to our relaxation and unnoticeable development while we leave our world behind for some time. We work in an empty space: only our fantasy can set limit to where we go and where we arrive. As one of my kind apprentices said: mime is the matter of imagination…

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