The SoulbirdThe Soulbird
a play not only for kids

Duration: 20-45 minutes
Cast: Karina Kecskés – Actress; Veronika Karsai – Mime Artist & Director

Inside the soul, right in the very middle of it, there is a bird standing. This is the soul bird. It feels everything we feel.”

Michal Snunit’s The Soul Bird has already travelled the world as a poetic book. Now, in this performance it comes alive as well by two performers. Speech, movement and music all together shows us the different shades of emotions in this play. We can see what are inside the soulbird’s several drawers; how does it talk to us and how may we ask for things from it. How is it when it’s happy, disappointed, jealous or nervous; and how is it when it’s a bit naughty and what does that cause… The bird talks about us and so does the performers. To understand ourselves better and also understand why is everyone different.

Premier: April 2016, 23rd International Book Festival, Budapest.

The Soulbird
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