Movement Training

I construct my movement trainings from activities developing general body-control while I rely on a wide range of instruments: mime and modern dance basics, gesture and movement theatre, spinal exercise to improve body posture, activities of physical coordination, drama games, brain gym kinesiology, yoga, tai chi…

I use this type of training in two basic areas:

  1. Firstly, in an area where the aim is movement, that is, I recommend this one primarily to theatre or sport performers (actors, singers, dancers, artists, illusionists, figure skaters, etc.). Our main goals in this case: improving body-control, broadening the knowledge of movement, observing body language, and making nonverbal communication and acting more conscious.
  2. Secondly, as an applied programme, in which movement is used as an instrument to design general team building or goal-driven development trainings. These sessions provide complex opportunities for improvement and special ways of relaxation for professional and lay groups.

Each movement training is unique and designed according to the needs and goals of the Client on the basis of previous agreement and planning.

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