As in the MovieAS IN THE MOVIE
Entertaining “short film history” in the language of the pantomime

Duration: 25 minutes
Playwright-director: András J. Karsai, Veronika Karsai
Director: András J Karsai
Performers: Mimage Pantomim Theatre

The spectators in the cinema who are consuming popcorn, sipping coke and telephoning loud now all calm down, and the magic begins. Time and space cease; a mysterious force draws them beyond the screen, and they themselves become the characters of the best movies of all time. In the powerful beginning, Chaplin plays a role in Scream, then the diva of The Fifth Element breaks out into a song; afterwards, our hero pursued by James Bond turns into Spider-man showing finally his true face to fight as Zorro against Lord Vader on the Wild West. However, Charlie’s Angels take action, Evita comforts Argentina, next shots and grenades, Columbus from the left, a zombie who is transformed into Dolly then into Sister Maria by Harry Potter, “Kodály Method” by von Trapp, idyll at the Simpsons, a stormy finale with dance within the imaginary walls of the Moulin Rouge, and a bit of space travel through dimensions to the present… It is time to wake up.

First performance: December 2007. Budapest, Aréna Plaza, on the occasion of the IMAX 3D cinema’s opening

Fotó: Borbás Márton
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