The Birth of a BannerTHE BIRTH OF A BANNER
Movement drama (not only) for national celebration

Duration: 20 minutes
Playwright: Veronika Karsai, István Dancs
Director: Veronika Karsai
Performers: New Generation Pantomime Company 

“In the beginning there was a nation.
Men with tartar moustache and women with braided hair who understood each other’s language.

Then became the country.
They drove posts into the ground, called it the border and called the place enclosed by the posts the country of the Hungarians.

Now and then, rarely, for only moments sometimes, the nation is born. At such times, the sons of the country enclosed by the posts, who generally linger over of their own, want something together. And very-very rarely they do that.

On three-four days in a thousand hundred years, they do; on days which stir together and breathe together.”

István Dancs

First performance: March 2007. Budapest, Madách Theatre

Before Performance. Photo by Gerda Kollet
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