A play with women and music

Playwright-director: Róbert Balázs Suda
Motion director: Veronika Karsai

Noémi Agg, Attila Galambos, Veronika Karsai, Zoltán F. Magyar, Gábor Nagy-Tyukos, Amália Simonfi, Mariann Szekeres, Júlia Szörényi, Ildikó Takács

There is given three young women. Divorced. They are talented and creative. They still think themselves beautiful and young. There is given an elder woman, too. Left alone. She cannot be said creative. Nor beautiful. There is also given, furthermore, a married woman. She is constantly wagging her chin. She has got nothing else to do. There is only one of men. He is a mollycoddle – and the husband of the previous woman. He cannot be called anything at all, a man at least. They all have such a witch-like life…until one day there comes the real MAN…or whatever…

First performance: 27 February, 2004. R.S.9. Theatre

Veronika Karsai, Amália Simonfi
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